We know that coating production environments are very demanding, with the need to continuously run at very high speeds.

With Vetaphone Corona treaters, you can be sure that all your demands for reliability and high-speed performance will be met, including the challenging specifications required for manual stations. Our Corona systems feature pneumatically activated electrode assemblies that rotate outward to allow easy access for the straps. You can also specify a quick retract system to protect the electrode cartridge, and this will extend the life of the electrode.


Metal Process

In all metal strip production processes, strip tension has a significant influence on the final product. If a precisely controlled tension is not used on the strip, product quality decreases, the scrap rate increases, and line speeds are limited.

Accurate measurement results are the basis for fast control and high production speeds with constant material tension. This is essential for efficient operation, with high productivity and the highest quality.


Discs brakes actuated directly by pneumatic means are used in almost all areas of mechanical engineering. Here the actuating force comes from compressed air and the brake is deactivated by spring force.

Its range of uses ranges from light uses such as web tension control to very demanding uses such as service and holding brakes that can have braking forces of up to 33,000 N with a single caliper, depending on air pressure. There are almost no limits to the braking torque that can be generated, which depends on the diameter of the brake disc and the caliper number.


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