What is a web Guidance system for and why do I need it?

The steering frames of the FMS-web MASTER are compact units that are easy to install and operate. They can be operated with 1 or 2 material sensors as left, right or center control.

The web guiding system are devices used to align roll-to-roll flexible material converting machines. These devices guide the material to the required position.


Belt material conveyed within converting machines will not always track in a straight line. A web guide system is required for proper material alignment.


A variety of factors such as poor quality raw materials, variations in material properties in raw materials, improper machine alignment, improperly maintained machines, environmental conditions, and processing conditions, cause lateral misalignment of the belt while they are transported on the converting machines / lines.

Even if the raw materials are perfect, the process varies in speed and tension can cause changes in traction that steer the belt incorrectly. Finally, roll misalignment, changes in roll drag, and air drag between belt and roll can cause lateral misalignment.


Waste such as wrinkles, folds, misregistration (both print and media), and sometimes web breaks are often attributed to misalignment during shipping. Reducing this waste improves the productivity of the manufacturing process.

The web guides are used in different locations within the manufacturing machines depending on the requirements of the process.