Tension / Traction Systems


Tension / traction systems

Rotation Mechanism of a Cable to maintain the Taping Tension.

Other Settings:

1) Electropneumatic

2) Manual

Tension / traction systems

Wire Clamping Mechanism to Prevent Line Return.


Configurable Clamping Capabilities

Other Settings:

1) With Height Adjustment

Tension / traction systems

Duct Traction Mechanism.


Configurable Traction Capacity.

Tension / traction systems

Mechanism to exert Pressure on Wire to Maintain Line Straightness.


Configurable Capacity according to Wire Diameter.


Tension / Traction

They are responsible for creating tension in the production line, for example: cable



Machines created with the goal of delivering a different variety of products.


Movement / position

In order to give greater efficiency to the industrial movement process.


Material Handling

The handling and delivery of your materials can always be easier.

Speed Control

Speed ​​in our processes is one of the most important factors, improve it with us.


Find out what we can offer you for this important industrial sector, such as the image notching machine.


Our Line of Product Receivers that will help you make your line more efficient.

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