Are you looking for a force sensor with a long service life that is maintenance-free? Should it be suitable for your installation and application situation? Does it need to have the highest sensitivity for precise measurements? Then a force sensor from FMS, for your demanding applications, is the right product for you.


The supplied excitation voltage of 5 VDC undergoes a change when a load is applied to the force sensor, the strain gauges are compressed or elongated and this change alters its resistance value. We then amplifier this change and converted into a force value and provide a useable signal output. The main advantage of the SG full-bridge circuit is its simple and robust design. Temperature changes of the environment are almost completely compensated for by this design. The integrated, mechanical overload protection prevents damage to the force sensor by preventing overload situations, thus helping to ensure durability and precise measurement results over and over again. All FMS tension monitoring products are freely combinable and allow you to put together the best possible solution for your application. 


  • Reliable, proven technology
  • Precise measurement results
  • For every installation and application situation
  • Options for the most demanding applications







  • Strain gauge in full-bridge circuit to compensate for temperature influences.
  • Measuring body and housing made of stainless steel or high-strength aluminum, mechanical overload protection, robust with high repeatability.
  • Different series, sizes and nominal forces for a wide range of web tensions.
  • For elevated temperatures, aggressive environments, special installation conditions, vacuum applications.


  • Highest precision above the market standard
  • High reliability and long service life
  • Only supplier of double range measuring bearing
  • Wide range of constructive solutions
  • 100% compatible
  • Custom-made products possible.

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